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The CPHL Motivates Me to Do More

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Recently I learned that a few of my friends play in a floor hockey league called the CPHL.  Cool enough I guess, but when we really got into discussing the in’s and out’s of the league I was instantly looking to sign up. 

1) $20 for the season

2) Stats such as Goals, Assists, and Points are taken and recorded

3) Season stats are added up and placed on a Hockey Card that everyone recieves at the end of the season

4) Career stats are kept and talked about on a regular basis

5) My friend has won the MVP in all 4 years the league has been around

6) Although the league has only 50 people or so, they had a year end awards ceremony with a guest speaker

7) When you try out, you are given a rank number and placed on a team to even things out

8 ) My 4 straight MVP buddy has yet to win a championship (great storyline in itself)

Although this is amazing, it makes me feel like when I play rec sports I am not getting enough.  I have a softball tournament this Saturday and I am going to take full stats of myself.  I will post these after.  I am also considering submitting something to the softball league or at least my team asking for us to care about this a little more.


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09/08/2010 at 6:39 pm

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